About Us

Value Mepe is a new founded company for distribution of premium high tech industrial adhesives in the fields of industry and handicraft

Bonding – always part of human`s life

What we know

The compounding of different elements for our daily life is already in existence from the stone age. With usage of plant fibers and leather stripes for example on the beginning, or resin and wedge later on, the joining of several materials has continuously developed. For instance, in the 19th century the main connection method was the riveting. Afterwards, in the 20th century, the electro-welding was the favored kind of bonding several elements. Nowadays with the permanently growth and development of technology, economy and ecology, and the out of it resulting requirements, the traditional joining methods are progressively being replaced in industrial applications by efficient adhesive bonding processes, what makes the glue bonding the most important joining technique in the 21st century.

What we think

With the establishment of new material combinations and the realisation of more challenging designs, adhesive bonding has become a key manufacturing process in several industries. The benefits of this process which are for example a key feature in terms of the mechanical, aesthetical and aerodynamical properties, cause that the importance of adhesive bonding is continuously rising in our current life.

What we do

Since we see us as a part of this development, we are focused on high quality German products from selected partners and stand for VALUE on quality, support and service. Arguing that “Every glue is a good one – but not always the right one”, we are striving to help our customers with their needs, finding solutions and developing projects.

It would give us a great pleasure if we can help you to make your business more efficient and competitive.